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75mm 40M Anti-Tank Gun

75mm 40M Anti-Tank Gun
Sub Category: Flames of War
Product Note: Late
Publish Year: 2012
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: BFMHU520
Type: Miniatures Pack

75mm 40M Anti-Tank Gun
75mm 40M Anti-Tank Gun


Those Hungarian Anti-tank units that weren’t armed with the Zrìnyi or the Hetzer instead were armed with the effective 75mm 40M Anti-tank gun. This was the Hungarian designation for the German 7.5cm PaK40 Anti-tank gun.

Development of the 7.5cm PaK40 began in 1939, with both Krupp and Rheinmetall developing designs for testing. Initially the development was slow, but priority was soon given to the project after Operation Barbarossa begun in June 1941 and the appearance of heavy Soviet tanks such as the KV-1.

The gun retained many features of the lighter 5cm PaK38 gun. It had a muzzle brake to reduce recoil, a double skin shield for added protection of the breech, and torsion-bar suspension for motor towing. The trail retained the tubular arms of the 5cm PaK38 design, but was made of steel for added strength rather than the aluminum.

The 7.5cm PaK40 remained the standard German heavy anti-tank gun until the end of the war, and was also supplied to Germany’s allies such as Finland and Hungary.

For example, the Hungarian 2nd Army on the River Don received a total of six 7.5cm PaK40 in 1942. But by 1944 the Hungarians were receiving the PaK40 in large quantizes.


two 75mm 40M Anti-tank guns
two sets of gun crew
two ammunition sprues
Command Rifle team
two Large bases & one Small base