AFV Logic Basic Plus w/Tournament Bag

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AFV Logic Basic Plus w/Tournament Bag
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AFV Logic is a off-board counter system that Countersmith Workshop designed to speed up the game by skipping all the trivial calculations and simplifying the complicated markings about AFV.

It makes AFV-heavy scenarios or scenarios of a bigger scale be an accessible option for you again at home, game house or in the tournaments.

It saves time you once spent on reading rules or calculations so that you could now enjoy solely the fun and excitement on military strategy.

It avoids the messy calculations and markings about AFV that once cloud your judgment in the battlefield.

It benefits ASL players of both beginner or connoisseur AFV combat level.

Both their AFV smart cards and transparent PVC maker cards make all data accessible without any sight difficulties to ASL players.

For scenario designers, AFV-heavy scenario could be put on the list of design again as scenario even involving dozens of AFV is now gamer-friendly. Approximately, in their initial play-tests, half of the time they once spent on the game could be saved after using AFV Logic.

AFV Logic - Three New Things in ASL Variants

Basically, it consists of the three new components in the system.

AFV Logic Basic Plus

a. AFV Smart Cards
   •All AFV data in One Read
   •The first batch (Set A) is 300 pieces of AFV Smart Cards (90mm X 54mm) covering 50 models of German, US, Russian and British AFV commonly appeared in battlefield.
   •It consolidated Modified TH and Modified TK Table.
   •It reminds players of various effects of range, caliber size, barrel length, firing smoke on the TH and TK.
b. Transparent PVC Marker Cards
   •All Marker Info In One Glance
   •As they selected transparent PVC cards as the new material for making AFV maker cards, they could place each AFV Marker Card over the other and we could still read all marker information's, like Motion, Immobilized, SA Disabled, Recall, Special Armor Depleted and etc. in one glance.
   •It solves the problem while placing the tall pile of marker counters over AFV counters but without being able reading all marker information.
   •It skips extra note marking on the paper for Special Armor Depleted or others.
   •Their first batch is 102 pieces of AFV Marker Cards covering 23 types of markers.
c. PVC Armor Leader Cards (Collector Edition)
   •Their first batch is 12 pieces of PVC Armor Leader Cards to pay their respect to 4 tank aces (Michael Wittmann, Dmitriy Lavrineko, Lafayette G. Pool, & Joe Ekins)
   •In the play, PVC Armor Leader Card could be placed under AFV Smart Card before revealing it to your opponents.

AFV Tournament Bag

The AFV Logic Tournament Bag is for carrying AFV Logic Set, Map Boards, Counters , Scenario Packs and etc. during your trip to the tournaments and homes of game buddies. During the game, it is an accessory for displaying 20 AFV Cards or 20 sets of transparent AFV Marker Cards at a sight-friendly position and angle. It could be a kind of substitute for cloaking table for holding counters in firm position.

The size of it is around 23cm X 32cm ( similar to F4 Size ) while the width of its side could be extended to 4 -5 cm.

AFV Logic Basic Plus Contains:

300 AFV Smart Cards
102 Transparent PVC Marker Cards
12 Collector Edition PVC Armor Leader Cards
1 AFV Tournament Bag
1 Manual

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