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#289 "Ambush at Amphipolis, Great Warriors - The Spartans, Bull Run to Gettysburg"

By: Stratagem Publications

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Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #251 - #300

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#289 "Ambush at Amphipolis, Great Warriors - The Spartans, Bull Run to Gettysburg"
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The upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

History's Greatest War?

Setting the scene for this month’s Greek-on-Greek theme, Neil Smith and Martin Gibbins provide us with a brief introduction to The Peloponnesian War and describe what it has to offer the wargamer.

The Battle of Rhium, 429BC

When the Athenians and Spartans weren’t knocking seven shades out of each other on land, they took to the seas for more of the same! In this theme article we examine the naval Battle of Rhium and report on the refight which used the Fleet of Battle rules.

Ambush at Amphipolis

We move our Peloponnesian War theme to the gates of the mighty city of Amphipolis, where the Athenians are about to be pounced on by the Spartans and their allies. We follow up the background and a scenario for the battle with a battle report in which Rick Priestley tries out the forthcoming War and Conquest ancient rules.

Great Warriors: The Spartans

Here’s your handy guide to the chief protagonist in this issue’s theme content; the Spartan hoplite.

End of Empires?

We conclude this month’s theme content with a wrap up of how the Peloponnesian War ended.

First Steps to Victory

The Battle of Kufra 1941 - Free French forces are sent on a desperate mission across the deserts of North Africa to take the Italian held fort of El-Taj. This article presents all the background information on the battle, along with a Flames Of War ‘Hold the Fort’ scenario.

The Last Argument of Kings

Warlord Games have recently released their first supplement for Black Powder. Author Pete Brown tells us what the book is about, and why you should wargame the 18th Century.

Cape Helles & The Battles of Krithia

Six months after our trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula, John Bianchi returns with more tales of combat under the scorching sun. This time we discover more about the role played by the French forces in the Dardanelles.

A Not-So-Secret War

Authors of the Force on Force supplement, Ambush Valley, Piers Brand and Joe Trevithick present another exclusive scenario, along with background on the “irregulars” fighting in Laos during the 1960s and ‘70s.

Bull Run to Gettysburg

David Bickley gives us the run-down on his latest wargaming rule set, this time exploring the battles of the American Civil War.

PLUS we have loads of photos from the Battlegroup South show (UK), our wrap-up of the 2011 US FOW Nationals (USA), and you can find our November Reviews online.