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#179 "Party Like It's 1979"

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Comic

Product Line: Knights of the Dinner Table Comic - #151 - #200

Last Stocked on 11/16/2021

Product Info

#179 "Party Like It's 1979"
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #


GGeorge Vrbanic created this homage to the original Player's Handbook featuring the Untouchable Trio +2 as the intrepid adventurers.

The Strips

Most Favored NPC Status
   •The Knights question why B.A. dropped the K (Knobby Foot) bomb
Smells Like Team Angst
   •Bob's Dad, a client of Nitro's Gym, hassles Nitro for dropping his grandson off the team
And the Dark Form - It Spoke
   •The 200 year-old Knobby Foot has not aged well...
The Old Magic
   •The Hard 8 staff revels in the success of the HackMaster baby bibs Gamer Smocks
A Prophesy Unfolds
   •The true reason for the Knights presence in Bag Wurld is revealed
The Muse in the Speaker Phone
   •Is Heidi Gary's longtime unacknowledged Muse??
To Be a Fly on the Wall
   •Brian's ingenuity permits escape from the prison complex
One-Two Punches

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