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#16 "The Elefant of Surpise, Von Renesses's Recon, Vlasov's Fist"

By: Sherry Enterprises

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Schwerpunkt - A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Last Stocked on 4/11/2023

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#16 "The Elefant of Surpise, Von Renesses's Recon, Vlasov's Fist"
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This issue’s 24-page booklet contains: Brook White's The Marines in ASL: August 1942 - August 1945, as well as our trademark analyses and designer’s notes for Scenarios SP181-SP192. Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

SP181 The Elefant of Surprise: Gagarinka, Ukraine, U.S.S.R., 23 July 1943: Two HIP Ferdinand tank destroyers and a detachment of German infantry defend on boards 17 and 43 against a reinforced Russian rifle company supported by T-34 M43s and SU-122s. Game length: 5.5 turns.

SP182 Vlasov's Fist: Sachsendorf, Germany, 2 March 1944: Elements of Panzergrenadier Division Kurmark conducts a screen while reinforcing Hetzers and grenadiers valiantly try to stem the tide of two Russian rifle companies and their supporting T-34/85s and IS-2 tanks. This tournamax scenario has a game length of 5.5 turns and is set on boards 17, 44, and 57.

SP183 The Last Full Measure: Awacha, Okinawa Shima, The Rykuyu Islands, 7 May 1945: Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines is pinned down. Medal of Honor recipient, Private First Class Albert E. Schwab takes action with a flamethrower to clear Japanese of the 62nd Infantry Division from the board 2a ridge. Game Length: 5.5 turns.

SP184 Cornered Beasts: Petushki, Ukraine, U.S.S.R., 28 June 1941: KV-2s, OT-133 flamethrower tanks and Russian infantry from the 41st tank Division defend the road network on boards 48 and 57 as the 10th Panzer Division attacks with two platoons of PzIIIs and elements of Schützen Regiment 103. Game Length is 6.5 turns.

SP185 Von Renesses's Recon: Radekhov, Ukraine, U.S.S.R., 23 June 1941: In the opening days of Operation Barbarossa, a platoon of German tanks conducts a reconnaissance mission. They unexpectedly make one the first contacts with the Russians' new T-34 tank. This a fast-playing 4.5 turn, all armor scenario set on half-boards 2 and 18.

SP186 Beaufort's Feast: Crehan, Belgium, 12 May 1940: Elements of the 2e Régiment de Cuirassiers with a reinforced infantry company and six S35 Somua tanks descend upon the spearhead of the 4th Panzer Division. Here, the panzers are out-classed on boards 56 and 57 in this 6 turn, "French vanilla" scenario designed to appease your inner-Pitman.

SP187 Stairway to Heaven: Brunete, Spain, 6 July 1937: Tampa's own Hugh Downing ventured into the Spanish Civil War to feature elements of the Nationalist 13th Division defending the board 58 hill against a Republican attack by the Abraham Lincoln and Six Fevrier Battalions. Game Length is 6.5 turns.

SP188 On the Road Again: Potpot Barrio, Luzon Island, The Philippines, 16 February 1944: Hugh Downing designed this 5.5 turn, scenario that features the Japanese Shigemi Detachment, 2nd Tank Division counterattacking American infantry, M-8 armored cars and an M5A1 light tank on board 1a. Light jungle makes this an easy to play PTO action.

SP189 Hell's Last Issue: Speldrop, Germany, 24 March 1945: Mike Faulkner designed this large western front action that features The Highland Light Infantry of Canada and supporting carriers attacking to clear elements of the Fallschirmjäger Division 8 from the town on boards 43, 53, and 57. Game length: 5.5 turns.

SP190 Bottcher's Corner: Buna Village, New Guinea, 5 December 1942: Mike Augustine makes his scenario debut with this PTO action. Elements of Yasuda & Tsukioka Butai attack elements of the American 2nd Battalion, 126th Infantry, 32nd Division led by a stubborn 10-2 leader. This scenario is set on boards 3a, 35, and 47. Game length: 6 turns.

SP191 Tatra Salad: Strenco, Slovakia, 31 August 1944: Elements of Slovak 1st Defense Region defend a hill and nearby buildings against an attack by Panzer Division Tatra's Tiger I, PzIVJs, a StuG IIIG, and their supporting panzer grenadiers. World-renowned scenario designer, Pete Shelling, is back again with this 7.5 turn gem, set on half-boards 2, 18, 50, and 55.

SP192 Rock the Csaba: Ketegaza, Hungary, 26 September 1944: Pete Shelling rounds out our 2010 issue of Schwerpunkt with an Eastern Front action that features elements of the Hungarian 51st Armored Gun Battalion defending with Nimrods against the Russian 203rd Rifle Division and its supporting SU-76ms. This action-packed, 5.5 turn "clash" of arms is set on board 59.

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