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#287 "The Halls of Montezuma, A Narrow Victory, Seven Days to Save Richmond"

By: Stratagem Publications

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #251 - #300

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#287 "The Halls of Montezuma, A Narrow Victory, Seven Days to Save Richmond"
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Seven Days to Save Richmond

We kick off our Seven Days theme coverage with an overview of the Federals’ campaign to strike against the Rebel capital, and the Confederate efforts to stop them.

Into the Torrents

We get down to the nitty-gritty of the Seven Days Battles with the background, and a Regimental Fire and Fury scenario, for the Battle of Mechanicsville.

All the Any Good Soldier Can Do

Union and Rebel armies face each other across Boatswain’s Swamp. This Black Powder scenario brings the attack of the Light Division alive on the tabletop.

Lee's Last Chance

By the time the two forces met at Glendale on 30 June 1862, the tables had turned and General Lee’s Confederates had the Army of the Potomac on the run.

Richmond Saved

Our conclusion piece to the Seven Days theme tells us how the campaign ended in failed opportunities for both sides.

A Narrow Victory

Following on from last month’s WWII desert action, our intrepid Battlefront Studio team play through the Roadblock at Beda Fomm scenario and present a report on the action.

The Four C's of Painting

A veteran brush-licker, Joe Sleboda offers up his thoughts on the four most important elements to consider when painting your very own army of toy soldiers.

Evolution or Extinction

Selling out of the first printing of his rules, Beneath the Lily Banners, presented Barry Hilton with a choice: re-print or re-design? He went for the latter, and explains why and how.

Sceleidima 1943

A skirmish scenario for Rapid Fire’s new Monty’s Desert Battles book.

Ballot Boxes and Black Berets

Joe Trevethick and Piers Brand give us a detailed look at the development of the armored forces of the South Vietnamese army, and include a scenario for Force on Force.

The Halls of Montezuma

In Part One of this series on the US-Mexican War, Derek Coleman explores the campaign for California.

End of Empires - Part 2

In this issue Tim Eagling returns with a more in-depth look at his End of Empire buildings and terrain.

PLUS we also take a look at Paul Davies’ Vietnamese Village, the result of months of work in our Viking Dawn concluding article, and you can find our September Reviews online.

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