#285 "The Eagle Against the Bear, Salute 2011, Hail Caesar"

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#285 "The Eagle Against the Bear, Salute 2011, Hail Caesar"
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This issue of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

The Eagle and the Bear

Neil Smith provides the background behind the French Emperor’s decision to march an army across his Empire,
and then as far again into the teeth of the “Russian Bear”, where normal expectations were thrown out of the window.

Borodino, 1812

When the Russian army finally turned to give fight to the invading French, it was near a small town called Borodino. Bill Gray will show that curious decisions and fractious subordinates would mean that the although the invaders took the field and then Moscow, there would be no victory in sight for Napoleon.

Bayonets and Blades

Regular contributor Barry Hilton just happened to run a
“Borodino” weekender earlier this year. Here he presents the Republic to Empire scenario used, along with a report of the action on the “Fleches” table and lots of great photos.

The Bear and the Eagle

In the theme conclusion, Neil Smith follows Napoleon’s army back to the Empire, harrying its flanks like a determined Cossack horseman. We learn that it wasn’t all “General Winter” that Europe had to thank for the destruction of the Grande Armee.

Hell at Cassino Part 2

Last month we brought you the first part of a report in which the team from the Battlefront Design Studio scaled, or defended, the heights of Monte Cassino in their refight of this classic WWII encounter, using the new Flames Of War
‘Infantry Aces’ campaign rules. Here is the conclusion.

What Is Clash of Empires?

The author of Clash of Empires, Stuart McCorquodale, takes us through the development of his new rules published
by Great Escape Games.

They're Free You Know!

Many Flames Of War players will know of all the company and battalion Intelligence Briefings available in the FOW
books. Not everybody is familiar with the large number of free Intelligence Briefings we have available on the FOW
website. We spend some time introducing these forces.

Dressing Up for War

Bringing a dash of color and élan to the battlefields of the American Civil War; Zouave regiments can add much
needed color at an ACW tabletop.

Hail Caesar

Following an introduction from the author; Rick Priestley, we present an extract from the new Warlord Games rules -
Hail Caesar featuring Huns versus Romans.

How to Build... a Dice Tower

Paul Davies shows us how to build this simple, yet incredibly handy, dice-rolling tower for your table.

PLUS we also take a look at Adepticon 2011 (USA), Salute 2011 (UK) and you can find our July Reviews online.

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