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Abyssal Plague, The - Under the Crimson Sun

By: Wizards of the Coast

Type: Novel - Softcover

Product Line: Forgotten Realms - Novels - Post-Spellplague

Last Stocked on 2/26/2024

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Abyssal Plague, The - Under the Crimson Sun
Keith DeCandido
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Novel - Softcover


Tharizdun, the Chained God, has released the Voidharrow—a liquid crystal imbued with his will and all the chaos of the Abyss—into the universe, and with it comes an engine of destruction and pestilence that twists and deforms beings into chaotic demon like creatures.

Behold the Abyssal Plague!

Grafters Rol Mandred and Gan Storvis have conned their way into guarding trading caravan when they come across a long-dead corpse in the desert. In disturbing the body, Rol unwittingly opens the door to a ruined abyssal realm. The Voidharrow takes hold of one of him, and he begins to morph into a beast like none they have ever seen.

Taken by slavers and brought to fight in the gladiatorial ring, Rol, or the thing he is becoming, is a juggernaut and a huge draw for the arena. The stakes are raised when his allies attempt to defraud some of the more unsavory rulers of this cruel world in an attempt to free Rol and Gan.

But power is never so transitory as it is under the blood red sun of Athas. Bear witness as the Abyssal Plague lands in the world of Dark Sun.

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