#283 "El Cid's Forgotten Battle, Blackhorse Cavalry, Battleground Gallipoli"

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#283 "El Cid's Forgotten Battle, Blackhorse Cavalry, Battleground Gallipoli"
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Battleground: Gallipoli

An introduction to the Allied attempt to force a way between the Mediterranean and Black Seas, thereby taking the Ottoman Empire out of World War One.

Pushing the Narrows

While the Allied High Command were dithering with plans to shell Constantinople, the Turks were able to bring their limited resources to bear on the Allied fleet, using terrain and local knowledge to their advantage.

Lone Pine

In an attempt to divert Ottoman reinforcements from fresh landings at Suvla Bay, the ANZAC troops were ordered to stage a breakout through the Turkish lines at Lone Pine. Desperate fighting was in store for both sides.

Armies of the Dardenelles

Paul Leach and Heather Blush present their findings on the look of the soldiers from the Ottoman, British, and French armies on the Gallipoli Peninsular.

Blackhorse Cavalry

The 11th Armored cavalry, known as the Blackhorse regiment, developed radical new tactics to combat an elusive and determined enemy. This is their story.

Red Devils in the DMZ

The 1st Brigade Task Force of the 5th Infantry Division, their background and use in Flames Of War: Vietnam.

Regimental Fire and Fury

It was a long time coming, but Regimental Fire and Fury author Rich Hasenauer is nothing if not thorough. Here Rich talks us through the creation of his latest game and compares it with his
original F&F rules.

El Cid's Forgotten Battle

El Cid is best known as a slayer of Moors. He also spent a substantial amount of his career fighting other Christians. James Morris explores one of his lesser known battles.

'R' is for Romanians

Within the Axis powers, the Romanian war machine during WWII was second only to the Germans. In this article we discuss gaming with them in Flames Of War.

How to Build...A Saxon Church

After a short break, Paul Davies returns with his latest terrain project, the construction of a Dark Ages church.

Scipios Against the Barcas

Part One of ‘The Second Punic War in Spain’ reviews the campaigns of Publius and Cnaeus Scipio between 218 and 211 BC, from the Ebro River to their great victory at Ibera.

Cimarron Courthouse

Beyond Hollywood there are many historical examples of gunfights to re-fight on the tabletop. Take Cimarron Courthouse in Kansas, 1889, for example.

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