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#61 "Medieval Marriage, Wedding Fashions for Lords and Ladies"

By: Renaissance Magazine

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Product Line: Renaissance Magazine #051-100

Last Stocked on 11/5/2020

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#61 "Medieval Marriage, Wedding Fashions for Lords and Ladies"
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Medieval Marriage: Ritual, Religion and Superstition

Oh, the lords and ladies! The bonding of lovers has been a golden nugget of interest for society since the beginning of time. It has been the stuff of countless plays and stories, and studied by poets and philosophers and writers. We warmly embrace romanticized versions of courtly love and marriage set in the mythical days of King Arthur. Fictional fantasies, however, may lead us astray from historical facts.

Dancing At Your Renaissance Wedding

It's the most important day of your life. You have the flowers, the hall, and the wedding party looks reminiscent of renaissance royalty. The only thing on your mind is how to convey your love of the Renaissance to you guests. There is one sure-fire and easy way of doing that: involving your guests in the dancing. Dance was an intricate part of renaissance culture in England, France, and Italy.

The Politics and Passion of Secret Weddings

Lusanna had been a widow only a few months, but the attractive middle-class woman had already caught the eye of Giovanni, a wealthy and powerful young nobleman. He wasted no time in paying court to her, but her family demanded he marry her if he wanted her charms. Finally, Giovanni gave in and said he'd marry Lusanna. However, Giovanni claimed that his father would disinherit him if he found out his son had gotten married without permission.

Renaissance Magazine's Wedding Music Guide

Today many couple are creating renaissance and medieval-themed weddings. If you love renaissance faires, middle ages history, Lord of the Rings, fairies, pirates, ancient music, or all of the above, there's no reason not to have a renaissance of medieval-based wedding.

To Be Wed At the Faire

Our guide to Renaissance-themed wedding venues.

Renaissance Magazine's Wedding Photo Contest Winners

Wedding Fashions for Lords and Ladies

A very special selection of period wedding attire.

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