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Blitzkrieg - Mounted Kawalerii Regiment

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - Poland - Box Sets & Miscellaneous


Last Stocked on 8/13/2020

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Blitzkrieg - Mounted Kawalerii Regiment
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Minis Box Set
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14 Years and Up


The regiments of the twelve Brygada Kawalerii (Cavalry Brigades) represent the elite of the Polish Army. The men volunteered for a two-year term rather than the single year of the infantry conscripts. The quality of their officers and men provided them with their only significant advantage over the Germans during the campaign in September 1939.

The Polish Army consider horse cavalry essential in a country lacking a good road network and plentiful motorized vehicles. The cavalry provide the army with its most capable and mobile elements.

The army has forty cavalry regiments, consisting of three Pulk Szwolezerów (pronounced poowk shvol-ezh-er-oov) light horse regiments, 27 Pulk Ulanów (pronounced poowk uwan-oov) or lancer regiments, and 10 Pulk Strzelców Konnych (pronounced poowk stzhel-tsoov kon-nih) or mounted rifle regiments. Despite their titles, these regiments have identical roles, organization and equipment, although there are some slight variations in uniforms, particularly for the light horse regiments who trace their lineage back to the chevaux-légers of Napoleon’s army a century ago.

Despite lances being obsolete, some regiments took their lances to war and have used them well on Germans who make the mistake of thinking that the day of cavalry is over.

The Mounted Kawalerii Regiment in Flames Of War

Polish cavalry are famed through out the world. They are the epitome that other cavalry strive to match.

Cavalry use the Cavalry rules from the rulebook including:

  • Moving in Buildings on page 39
  • Dismounting Cavalry on page 44
  • Shooting from Horseback on page 64
  • Who can Assault on page 95
  • Cavalry Charging into Contact on page 97
  • Cavalry against Tanks on page 103
  • Cavalry Ride Down their Foes on page 110
  • Cavalry Consolidating on page 111

  • ten Cavalry Rifle Teams
  • four Command Cavalry Rifle teams
  • two Cavalry Anti-tank Rifle teams

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