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#172 "Nerds in a Guild'ed Cage"

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Comic

Product Line: Knights of the Dinner Table Comic - #151 - #200

Last Stocked on 11/16/2021

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#172 "Nerds in a Guild'ed Cage"
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About The Cover

David Reddick is an award-winning cartoonist whose projects include Legend of Bill, The Trek Life, Gene's Journal, and the Garfield comic strip. He and cover wrangler Mark Plemmons are both fans of gamer web series The Guild, thus spawning this cover parody with the Knights of the Dinner Table (along with Patty as Cyd/Codex and Sheila as Tinkerballa) as the Guild's “Knights of Good”.

The Strips

High Stakes Joker Part III
   •Has Johnny lost his mojo?
The Rub of It
   •Dice luck's being redistributed - and everybody wants in.
Epic Fail
   •It all hinges on one more roll.
Hello Darkness - My Old Friend
   •Who dares unwrap the tinfoil cocoon?
The Lost Strips
   •A Change of Venue {story by David Trotti, Assistant Director of the Chuck television show}
      •Can Pizza-A-Go-Go handle a night of role-playing?
   •A Quiet Evening
      •Bob and Shiela unwind in front of the tv - and Bob gets a shocking phone call.
   •The Patient
      •One of the Knights is in the hospital - but the game must go on.
One-Two Punches

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