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#281 "Artillery Through the Ages, The Brave at Mokra, Imperial Long Shots"

By: Stratagem Publications

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #251 - #300

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#281 "Artillery Through the Ages, The Brave at Mokra, Imperial Long Shots"
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Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

Artillery Through the Ages

Our introduction spread helps lay out our approach to such a broad theme.

Wood, Sinew, and Metal

Paul Leach looks at the leap from “large bows” to the torsion-powered artillery of Antiquity, and presents a Roman vs. Dacian scenario.

Extensive Knowledge of Powder

As walled towns and castles rose in importance, bigger and better ways of destroying the walls were sought. Jim Graham lifts the curtain on medieval artillery might.

Towards Tactical Mobility

Dr Stephen Summerfield explains how Horse Artillery went through plenty of growing pains during the Napoleonic Wars.

Bridge to the Future

The development of the artillery during the American Civil War would do the work of almost 100 years in a ferociously short four year span.

Imperial Long Shots

Neil Smith concludes our look at the development of artillery with the hop from the ACW to the European battlefields of 1914, by way of the deadly conflict between France and Prussia in 1870.

The Brave at Mokra

Smialy translates into English as The Brave, the name given to one of the Polish Army armored trains that fought the Germans in the early days of WWII. In this article Maciek Kapalczynski explores the history of the Polish armored trains and their effectiveness in battle.

Britain's First Special Forces

This “Sudan follow-up” article discusses the Camel Corps and their use in the campaign.

Cavalry Against Panzers

Flames Of War authors Phil Yates and Mike Haycock get some of the latest Battlefront early WWII figures out on the table to refight the Battle of Mokra.

How to Run a Wargames Campaign: Part 1

Gaming guru Rick Priestley returns to the pages of WI with an article discussing ideas for running wargames campaigns.

Painting the Brave

Assembling and painting the new Flames Of War Armored Train.

Holy Rollers

Barry Hilton introduces some interesting effects for the Russian Orthodox zealots present at Shevardino, 1812.

How To.. Explosions!

Master model-maker Dave Andrews shows us just how easy it is to build fantastic looking explosion markers!

PLUS we take a look at Project Hougoumont, the Nikfest show (UK), and the Great Warriors: Norman Knights.

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