#280 "Sudan 1881-1885, The Tribes of Germania, Mapping Out the Peninsular War"

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#280 "Sudan 1881-1885, The Tribes of Germania, Mapping Out the Peninsular War"
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Issue 280 of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

"Give them Volleys!"

We begin our expedition to the Sudan with an introduction to the Mahdist Uprising of 1884-85. “Give them volleys!” is a quote by Lieut. Col. Percy Barrow, barked to his men at the battle of Abu Kru. This summed up both the attitude, and determination, of a colonial army facing a “savage” foe in the far flung reaches of the Empire.

Circling the Square

Our theme continues with more details on the campaign to save General Gordon besieged in Khartoum, along with a scenario for refighting the Battle of Abu Klea, 1885 - one of the the key encounters of the Mahdist Uprising.

A Good Dusting

Author and wargamer David Bickley explains the lure of the Sudan. His recently released book, A Good Dusting, provides gamers with rules for refighting the battles of the Mahdist Uprising, and David gives us a designer’s eye-view on how and why he put the rules together.

Unfinished Business

In light of the failure to save Khartoum and Gordon, the British government responded by re-opening another front
in the Sudan in an effort to inflict retribution on the Mahdi’s chief lieutenant, Osman Digna.

Bunker Down!

Mike Haught discusses the construction of, and tactics for using, WWII Western Front defenses in Flames Of War.

The Tribes of Germania

By bringing together classic sources and information from modern archeological finds, Howard Whitehouse paint’s a
picture of the great threat to Rome, the Ancient Germans.

Back to Bases

When you have finished meticulously mounting your models on bases, preparing them for the tabletop, do they actually look like the units/regiments/warbands of the past which they are designed to represent? Pete Brown argues not, and presents the case for radical change.

Second to None

First formed during World War One, the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division played a vital role following the 1944 D-Day
landings. In this article we explore their actions and encounters in Northern France.

Research and Imagination

1938 - A Very British Civil War has proven to be a very popular alternate reality. Simon Douglas gives us a tour
through some of the ways you can find real life history, and then apply it to the setting.

Mapping out the Peninsular War

When we saw The Peninsular War Atlas, we just knew we needed to talk further with Colonel Nick Lipscombe, the
author and map maker behind this impressive tome.

PLUS we take a look at more Moments in History, the Fall In! show (USA), and our Reviews return to the web.

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