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Category: Board Games
Sub Category: Popular Board Games
Author: Friedemann Friese
Publish Year: 2011
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: RGG432
Type: Boxed Game


When you invest in the stock exchange, you want to buy low and sell high! But it does not always go that way, so sometimes you will need subsidies from the government to keep investing. To keep the stocks you have acquired on the rise, you must convince other players they have value so they will buy those stocks and keep your profits soaring.

Now the signs suddenly show that there could be a coming burst.You must decide quickly if the signs are right and sell your holdings or wait a bit longer for them to rise further and increase your profits.

In the end, of course, the player who has earned the most money (in this case in the form of gold reserves) will win the game! Times again the good taxpayer takes over the subsidies.

A fast-moving game with thrills and excitement as players try to outwit each other for the highest gains. But the bust can come suddenly and ruin all - even the fortunes of the other players.

A frighteningly realistic game that reflects the real dangers and opportunities of investing in the stock market. Bring your steel nerves and money to see how you fare!


  • 1 game board
  • 125 briefcases (25 each in green, orange, red, blue, and yellow)
  • 15 black briefcases
  • 5 stock markers (1 each in green, orange, red, blue, and yellow)
  • 2 silver marker (gray)
  • 20 silver bars
  • 20 gold bars
  • 5 player screens
  • 5 status cards
  • 1 interest markers
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 8 special action cards
  • game money
  • 20 subsidy cards
  • 1 rule book