37mm wz.36 Gun

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - Poland - Artillery, AA, AT and AFV's


Last Stocked on 10/6/2021

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37mm wz.36 Gun
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Minis Pack


Each Dywizja Piechoty, or infantry division, has 27 anti-tank guns with a company of nine guns in each regiment. The anti-tank companies are equipped with the excellent little Bofors 37mm wz. 36 anti-tank gun. The first 300 of these highly-capable guns were imported from Sweden, while the remaining 900 on hand were built under license in Poland.

A platoon or two of these guns attached to your battalion are your main anti-tank asset. Do not waste them in head-to-head battles against the German Panzers. The tanks have the mobility to mass all of their firepower against a single platoon of guns, wiping them out before they can destroy more than one or two tanks.

Instead, position your guns to protect your infantry where they cannot be engaged until the enemy attempts to assault your infantry. The combined fighting power of the infantry and guns together will cause far more casualties.

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