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#278 "The Battle of Bussaco, Sengoku Showdown - Unifying Medieval Japan, Wargaming the Armies of Carthage"

By: Stratagem Publications

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Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #251 - #300

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#278 "The Battle of Bussaco, Sengoku Showdown - Unifying Medieval Japan, Wargaming the Armies of Carthage"
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Issue 278 of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

Sengoku Showdown

To set the scene for this month’s Samurai theme, Brook Kill takes a closer look at the three leaders that brought an end to medieval Japan’s “Warring States” period. As well as the exciting history, we present plenty of ideas for bringing these leaders to the tabletop.

Painting Your Samurai

Brightly colored Samurai warriors can seem daunting, but Jason Buyaki guides us through the best ways to get your Japanese army onto your gaming table.

Legends of the Rising Sun

With a gaming table based on the classic Kurosawa film Yojimbo, we knew Aaron Loomis was onto a good thing. Read about his Legends of The Rising Sun house rules.

Wargaming the Armies of Carthage

Following up on his well-received treatise on using the Romans on the wargames table, Paul Leach digs up loads of information on the greatest “empire that never was”, the quintessential Republican Roman enemy, the Carthaginians.

Battery of Dead

Hungarian Assault Guns counterattack the Soviet invasion, in this Flames of War scenario.

The Battle of Bussaco

General de Brigade Napoleonic rules author Dave Brown has supplied a great scenario to coincide with the release of the latest version of his rules - Bussaco 1810, which also happens to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the battle!

Guns and Guts

In this article we explore the secrets of the tank destroyers, not only to better understand their contributions during WWII, but also to get to the bottom of the logic behind the tank destroyer rules in Flames of War.

Fleet of Battle

We don’t publish rule sets very often so when we do they have to be good, and this set of rules for 1:200 scale naval combat is very good, just what you need for refighting sea battles in the Mediterranean, 600 - 31BC.

Great Warriors: 1918 Stormtrooper

Our Great Warriors series continues with a look at the German assault troops of World War One.

Medieval Monster Hunting

Give your medieval warriors some time off with a day’s hunting in the forests of 15th Century Poland. Beware - there maybe more than just foxes hiding in the undergrowth...

Scratchbuilding a 15mm Desert Village

Bob Murch returns to the pages of Wargames Illustrated with this great little piece on scratching together buildings for your very own North African village.

PLUS we take a look at the Colors 2010 (UK), The Phoenix Wargames Club (UK), and Barry Hilton talks about his trip to Historicon (USA). Also, our Reviews return to the web.