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Icy Queen's Crossing, The (Weekend in the Realms 2009)

By: Wizards of the Coast

Type: Module

Product Line: Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) - D&D Encounters, Worldwide Gameday, & Other Promotional Items

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Icy Queen's Crossing, The (Weekend in the Realms 2009)
Shawn Merwin
Publish Year


In a region so dangerous that even the most savage of Nar tribes fear trespassing there, a group of heroes has a chance to change the face of a war-torn land.

This Dungeons and Dragons adventure is designed for five characters of 2nd level but contains notes on adjusting the adventure for groups of four or six characters of levels 1-4. Specifically created for Weekend in the Realms 2009, this adventure can be played in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, and includes a full-color poster map, encounter write-ups, monster stat blocks, enemy tactics, and even stats for new monsters. The PC's interact with the plots and characters of the novel The Fall of Highwatch.

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