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D-Day - Battle for France, June-September, 1944

By: Battlefront Miniatures

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Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - Core Rules & Assorted

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D-Day - Battle for France, June-September, 1944
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To celebrate the release of the new D-Day compilations they are releasing a new range of products, and a limited re-release of the LCVP Landing Craft and 29th Infantry Division Assault Company. Be in quick, once these are gone, they are gone!

Turning Tide

With the turning of the tide in the English Channel in the early hours of 6 June 1944, the landing crafts of the Western Allies begin their approach through the surf towards the Beaches of Normandy. The vessels are packed with thousands of Allied soldiers eager to bring the war to the German invaders. D-Day and the battle of France is finally here.

  • Turning Tide is a 244 page book containing 16 British and 22 American army lists of which 17 of these are new never before published lists.
  • Build you army as a beach landing force to overcome the German fortifications or command one of the armored spearheads that pushed into Normandy and Brittany.

    Earth & Steel

    Entrenched in the earth and steel bunkers and pillboxes of the Atlantic Wall the German defenders prepare to hold the Allied forces in place upon the beaches. Rommel's Panzers follow his strategy of forward defense and the Panzer companies gather inland for the counterattacks that will hurl the Allies back into the sea.

  • Earth & Steel is a 216 page book containing 31 German army lists, of which 10 of these are new never before published lists.
  • Prepare your defenses and rally your reserves, with everything from beach fortification units to Tiger tank companies at your disposal the German
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