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Maschine Zeit - 1 GB USB Drive

Maschine Zeit - 1 GB USB Drive
Product Line: Maschine Zeit
Publish Year: 2010
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IPRMAP0001USB
Type: Other


The year is 2110. In 2105, over a tenth of the world's population died when a number of space stations orbiting Earth went dead. The radiation that killed them had an unexpected side effect: The victims now haunt the halls, possessing machinery and threatening anyone that dares travel inside.

Maschine Zeit is a science fiction/horror RPG from Machine Age Productions. The game's mechanics focus on movie logic, encouraging dramatic behavior and offering players control over most of the narrative. The game emulates the conventions of such genre works as Alien, Pandorum, Event Horizon and Dead Space. The setting information is all presented in-character, in the form of blogs, newspapers and other pieces of biased text, leaving the truth to fill in at the table. The system uses a d100, and can be learned or taught in minutes, but offers strategic players a shockingly vicious resource gambling mechanism.

Maschine Zeit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution/ NonCommercial/ ShareAlike Unported license. This means you own the product you've purchased. You can share it as you'd like, remix it and play with it however you'd like, so long as you're not making money off it.

The Maschine Zeit USB Drive version comes in a 1gb flash drive containing inspirational music, HTML rules, full-color PDF, a free adventure, and game art.