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Insidious (2nd Printing)

Insidious (2nd Printing)
Author: Devon Hibbs
Publish Year: 2010
Pages: 28
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.15"
Restockable: No
Type: Module
Series: DCG1


This is an adventure for 3-6 characters of levels 1-3.

The once peaceful town of Sheridan Springs is in dire trouble. Several townsfolk are missing. Strange creatures have been seen moving in the woods around town. At night, sounds that chill the soul can be heard coming from the town cemetery and the ruins north of town. Some even say the dead sre restless and walk again.

The town sheriff has sent an urgent request for aid. Will your young and innexperienced group of adventurers heed the call? Fame and reward await those that can identify and defeat the evil menacing the town of Sheridan Springs.

DCG1-Insidious is a Ready-to-RollTM adventure module. All of the prep work is already done. You will rarely if ever have to stop the game to look something up in a core rulebook.