#276 "The Chariot Wars, The Battle of Hannut, The Assyrian Army"

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#276 "The Chariot Wars, The Battle of Hannut, The Assyrian Army"
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Begatting and Smiting

Jim Graham outlines the development of the chariot and introduces us to some of the nations and places which feature in other Chariot Wars articles this month.

The Armies of Sumer and Akkad

The Sumerians and Akkadians sit on the very edge of recorded human history. In this article we give a detailed account of the Sumerians as a warrior nation and examine their chariots (or rather battlecarts) as a wargaming weapon.

The Battle of Megiddo, 1457 BC

Enter the New Kingdom Egyptians; the archetypal Chariot Wars force. Three thousand chariots clash near the city of Megiddo. As well as background information you will find a scenario for refighting this epic encounter.

Modeling Chariots

We constructed our own chariot, and give you the run down of the research and modeling techniques involved.

The Assyrian Army

The Neo-Assyrians under Tiglath-Pileser III fielded some of the mightiest chariots in the Near East. We explore their use.

Polishing that Old Gem

John Desch takes us on a journey through one of the most time-honored traditions of wargaming, tinkering with a favorite scenario to make it fit a new ruleset.

Great Warriors: US Marines

This month we profile the U.S. Marines, focusing on their actions during WWII.

Interview with Dale Dye

Captain Dale Dye, USMC (Ret.), has brought realism to the military history portrayed by Hollywood. We have the first part of his HISTORICON interview here for you.

The Taranaki War

Following a decade of relative peace since the end of the First Maori War conflict again erupted in New Zealand.

Recon By Combat

Phil Yates creates both a playable mid-WWII scenario using ‘recon by combat’ and imparts the callous and horrifying nature of this Red Army tactic.

The Battle of Hannut, 1941

Early WWII - a thousand German and French tanks clashing on the French-Belgian border. As well as the history you will find a Flames of War - Total War scenario.

How To: Defenses

This month’s ‘How To’ spans the ages and brings you a cross-section of defenses to protect your metal warriors.

PLUS we take a look at the HISTORICON 2010 show (USA), and although our reviews are regularly on the website, we’ve inserted a few back in the magazine just to remind you they’re around in some form each month.

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