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#1 "The Tomb Raider, In Memory of Gary Gygax, Races & Paragons of The Middle World

By: Dragon Roots Magazine

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Product Line: Dragon Roots Magazine

Last Stocked on 7/9/2019

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#1 "The Tomb Raider, In Memory of Gary Gygax, Races & Paragons of The Middle World
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Dragon Roots Magazine is a magazine for gamers, written by gamers. Each issue is at least 64 pages of solid content, with a full-color cover.

  • Issue One, introduces a new base class, the Tomb Raider. The Tomb Raider is ideal for those who love to explore and crave the thrill of plundering ancient tombs.
  • Races & Paragons of The Middle World is a break down of different human races.
  • What's Over There? is a helpful ongoing column that gives DMs just what they need for when the players point off the map and say, "Hey, What's over there?"
  • The Last minute DM is also a new ongoing column that will present new creatures, tricks, traps, or encounters. The first installment is a clever trap that any DM can place in any adventure.
  • Table Talk is a script of the words spoken around the gaming table. This ongoing column for this issue is a D&D play session of the 4e pre-release module, The Keep on the Shadow Fell. Humor and love is felt as we break down some of the 4e rules and apply them to an actual module.
  • Faerie Encounters offers new fey creatures and ideas for running fey encounters.
  • Robillard's Tale is the first of its kind narrative/campaign info article. Each issue will have a full narrative short story along with actual PC and DM notes from the Simple Life Campaign. The PC shares his notes on why he picked certain feats, why he did certain actions and other fun facts. The DM explores his world and give insight to the read. Future articles will give creature stats, item descriptions, tricks and traps from the campaign and how the DM handles unruly PCs or PCs that stray off the map or adventure for the day. Never before has an article with such scope been attempted.
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