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Universal Space Combat System, The

By: Uber Goober Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Universal Space Combat System

Last Stocked on 8/22/2019

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Universal Space Combat System, The
Steve Metze
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The Universal Space Combat System is a simple, fast-paced science fiction miniatures-based futuristic space combat system that can be used with genres heavily based on science or heavily based on fiction, and throughout a wide variety of technology levels. It can stand alone as its own skirmish or massive fleet game, or be integrated into just about any existing science fiction Role-Playing-Game.

This game splits up portions of the rules into both a Science fiction (Sci-Fi) setting, or a science Fiction (Sci-Fi) setting Essentially, space fights that look cool, or space fights that are based more on realism, with the ability for players to mix and match aspects of each as they see fit. It allows for space combat in worlds where ships tow each other by grappling hooks or by tractor beams, where space marines board by teleporting onto the other ship or by laser-cutting open holes in the hull, and where faster-than-light travel happens by a single instantaneous jump, or by traveling days in a warp bubble that allows ships to chase and fight each other while racing at speeds beyond comprehension.

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