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Afrikakorps - Bitter Enders

Afrikakorps - Bitter Enders
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Advanced Squad Leader
Publish Year: 2010
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.15"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: CRTAK003
Type: Ziplock


DJEBEL ACHKEL, TUNISIA, 11 May 1943: The threat of a US armored attack down the Tine Valley was undoubtedly a factor in forcing the German retreat on 2 May during the last phase in the fighting on the Tunis plain. Now, from the Mateur area the 1st Armored Division aimed a strike at the center of the new German line, where two key roads met, one from Mateur through Ferryville that intersected the Tunis-Bizerte highway and the other from Mateur to Djedeida. The German defense of these roads was based on two hill masses. The main enemy position was based on a 5-mile belt of hills between the Ferryville and Mateur-Djedeida roads. The second position was based on the imposing Djebel Achkel. The 91st Reconnaissance Squadron was assigned to take this isolated height, but ran into strong opposition when it moved out on 4 May. Nevertheless, by the afternoon of 5 May American troops had advanced about one-third of the way up the mountain and by nightfall had captured the western half, along with 80 prisoners. Fighting on the hill continued until 11 May, when more than 300 officers and men of the Hermann Goering Division finally surrendered—but not until they had verified the report that their general had surrendered on the 9th...

ASLComp AFRIKAKORPS—BITTER ENDERS is a detailed new ASLComp VARIANT that tells the story of the War in North Africa. It's about time the desert warfare goodness that was spawned by Hal Hock's seminal work TOBRUK back in 1975... was brought to the gaming tables of ASLers. And now it is, in a big way.

The third portion of the set-piece is ASLComp AFRIKAKORPS: Bitter Enders and it takes you back across the desert into Tunisia and features American troops versus Rommel, von Arnim and company. Hitler poured a stunning quantity of men and materiel into Tunisia so you don't have to. All you need to do is pick up this batch of 8 scenarios and bring your interest in the theater (plus a few hours and the penchant to roll low) and you're good to go!

You receive a set of 8 scenarios, all depicting actions that led to General Frendenall exchanging his job for higher command and ushered one George Smith Patton on to the scene. If panzers are your thing, not to mention Lee medium tanks, M3A1 37mm AT-guns, and Stukas... these scenarios are YOUR thing.


  • 8 action-packed scenarios depicting American combat in Tunisia.
  • Color cover sheet
  • Descriptive back sheet
  • Ziploc style storage bag
  • All the interest in the War in North Africa that you have been waiting for someone to show you