Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms Expansion Pack

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Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms Expansion Pack
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As the first expansion pack for Medieval II, Medieval II: Total War -- Kingdoms invites players back into history as they take the role of several different nationalities and try to expand their nations into new worlds.

Kingdoms comes packaged with four single-player campaigns, six multiplayer scenarios, over 150 additional units, and 20 custom battle maps. Gamers may sail to the Americas as Hern and Cortz or defend the conquest of Mexico as the indigenous Aztec civilization in the Americas campaign. In the Teutonic Wars, players enter battle as god-fearing Christians or old-world religion pagans and fight for the right to practice their religion. Britannia finds gamers choosing sides between Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland as they fight for control of the British Isles on several battlefields. Finally, players can revisit an expanded Crusades campaign and experience the fight for the Holy Land as an additional faction leading newly added units and heroes.

Kingdoms also adds a few control features into the game including the placement of permanent stone forts and the ability to issue commands to reinforcements while maintaining control of the first army.

For Windows.

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