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#273 "Capitana, US Sharpshooters, Chattanooga"

By: Stratagem Publications

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Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #251 - #300

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#273 "Capitana, US Sharpshooters, Chattanooga"
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Crossing the Tennessee River

President Lincoln had said that “taking Chattanooga is as important as taking Richmond”, but the key to the deep south was a tough nut to crack, and along the way there would be major blows for the Union. In our opening article to this month’s theme we explore the history and wargaming potential of the Chattanooga campaigns.

"My Gun and Cartridge Box I Expect to Die With Me"

The fight for Brock’s Field - the Battle of Chickamauga, September 1863. The tale of a part of that battle is re-told here with the aid of hundreds of 15mm figures.

Col. John T. Wilder's Lightning Brigade

One of the Union units that really came of age during the Chattanooga campaign was Wilder’s Lighting Brigade. This article presents both their story, and notes on bringing the force to the tabletop.

The Siege of Chattanooga

By 23 November 1863 the Union forces held up in Chattanooga were ready to launch their breakout and unleash hell on the rebels besieging them. As well as the background material to the siege you will also find a scenario for re-fighting a section of the breakout here.

"God Save the Queen!"

We’re returning to Matabeleland and this time our focus is on the Shangani patrol and the last stand of Alan Wilson.

Wargaming the Roman Army - Part 2

Following on from last month’s focus on the Roman Army of the Republic we shift our attention forward in time to the Imperial and Late periods.

US Sharpshooters

Roger’s Rangers, Natty Bumpo, Colonial Militias, and the Minuteman all have one thing in common: they all contributed to the ethos of an American sharpshooter. In this article we explore the use of the US Sharpshooter on the tabletop.

This renaissance galley battle game was a big hit on the UK show circuit in 2009, so we thought we’d bring it to you, along with orders of battle for recreating the action yourself.

The Battlefields of Southern Italy

Creating the landscape and terrain features of southern Italy.

Terror and Sorrow - Part 1

American War of Independence action from the frontier of Pennsylvania.

PLUS we take a look at Salute 2010 in the UK, Natcon in NZ, a Club Focus on the Band of Gamers (US), a spotlight on Wargames Inc. (UK), our monthly roundup of News, AND a “first impressions” review of WAB 2.0!