Assault Platoon

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Assault Platoon
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General Truscott, the 3rd Infantry Division Commander at the beginning of Anzio, was a stickler for training above and beyond the normal required level. He believed the more you trained the better your unit performed in combat. While witnessing the US Rangers training with the British Commandos he attempted to transfer some of the lessons learned to the 3rd Infantry Division.

Every new replacement coming into the 3rd Infantry Division whether they were a transfer or new recruit learned quickly that this division was different. Every man was expected to move and move fast. Keeping the pressure on the enemy and not giving an inch was the norm.

In Flames Of War

Specific platoons of the 3rd Infantry Division were designated assault platoons. They were specially trained in reducing enemy strong points and bunkers using demolitions, bangalore torpedoes, and flame throwers.

The 3rd Infantry Division use the following special rules:

Medal of Honor Winners

While fighting in the Anzio beachhead members of the 3rd Infantry Division received 16 Medals of Honor (four alone on the first day of Operation Buffalo). All told, by the end of the war, the 3rd Infantry Division had 36 Medal of Honor winners in their ranks.

Whenever an Assault or Rifle Platoon from the 3rd Infantry Division is pinned by Defensive Fire in an Assault, roll a die.

On a roll of 3+, one Pioneer Rifle or Rifle team in contact with the enemy does not Fall Back when the rest of the platoon Falls Back. This potential Medal of Honor team may continue the Assault. The Medal of Honor team in contact with the enemy now assaults, hitting on a 2+.

Enemy platoons do not need to make a Motivation Test to Counterattack if only assaulted by a Medal of Honor team.

Regardless of whether or not the Medal of Honor team was hit in the enemy Counterattack, you must take a Motivation Test to Counterattack.

If the platoon passes, the whole platoon may Charge into Contact and continue the assault as normal. The Medal of
Honor team has finished its heroics and reverts to a normal team for the rest of the assault.

Otherwise, the Medal of Honor team Breaks Off, returning to the platoon and reverting to a normal team.


Every infantry platoon had a designated sharpshooter whose job was to take out specific enemy targets whether it be a sniper, machine-gunner, flame thrower, anti-tank gun, Panzerfaust or Panzerschreck team.

Any Assault or Rifle Platoon with a Sharpshooter may reroll any one failed To Hit and any one failed Firepower Test by a Rifle or Pioneer Rifle team in each Shooting Step.

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