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#161 "The Natural"

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Comic

Product Line: Knights of the Dinner Table Comic - #151 - #200

Last Stocked on 3/22/2023

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#161 "The Natural"
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The Strips

The Big Chill.
   • Brian defends his love of casserole and El Ravager's comradeship.
The Hungry Dark.
   • When the lights are off, evil prowls.
The Lost Strips.
   • An introduction to old KODT strips that never saw the light of day until now.
Itching for a Fight.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip: B.A. provokes Bob's character into a fight.
Lawful Dead.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip: Dave defends Joe the Blade's alignment.
Law of the Troll.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip: B.A. returns from GM summer camp with a mixed bag of ideas.
Stand in the Place That You Are.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip: The Knights try using miniatures.
Mystery Date.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip: Brian has a date (no, really!).
Feel the Burn.
   • A Lost KoDT Strip featuring the Black Hands: Newt attempts to bring in an HMA-certified character.
One-Two Punches.

Feature Articles

Special Delivery {an Aces & Eights scenario} by Jerimy Grafenstein.
Beyond the Book: Six New Talents {HackMaster Basic} from Kenzer and Company.

GameMaster's Workshop

Casting Call: Ned Lords {Call of Cthulhu NPC} by Charles W. Kiley III.
All Things Magic: Milhouse's Stone Scouts {systemless} by John Garnier.
Bait and Tackle: Generic Adventure Hooks and Encounters for the GM to run with (systemless).
Deadly Trappings: The Welcome Mat {fantasy; systemless} by Barbara Blackburn.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Varul, Malvus Melren, Granden Torist {HackMaster Basic NPCs} by Barbara Blackburn.
Rustlers of the Night: Giant Subterranean Lizard {HackMaster Basic} from Kenzer and Company.

Regular Columns

Tales from the Table: Actual tales from our readers.
Web Scryer: Pursue Profit Among the Stars surfed by Kenneth Newquist.
Geek Fu Action Grip: Geek Event Horizon gripped by Mur Lafferty.
Gaming the Movies: Johnny Mnemonic by Jim Davenport.


Lost Game Safari: Expendables scouted by Andy Miller.
Lookin' at Comics: Pet Avengers scrutinized by Tony DiGerolamo.
The “Indy” Game Scene: Capes explored by Ashok Desai.
Disks of Wondrous Power: Something Something Dragon Something (Part One) played by Rick Moscatello.
Off the Shelf: The Legend of Sigrid and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien read by Paul Westermeyer.
Board Squawk: Tobago boarded by Nick Medinger.
Brian's Picks: Septimus, Shard Welcome Booklet, Undead States of America.


Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman.
Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back.
Weird Pete's Bulletin Board.
Back Room at the Games Pit.
Parting Shots.

Other Toons

Self Sacrifice by the Brothers Grimm.
The Legend of Bill by David Reddick.
Unnamed cartoons by Jolly R. Blackburn, Caleb Wallace and Scott Krol.

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