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Recon Strider Unit Box

By: Rackham

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: AT-43 - Cogs

6 pcs.

Last Stocked on 4/23/2014

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Recon Strider Unit Box
Product Line
Publish Year
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Minis Box Set


"I finally know how the animal feels when caught in the hunter sights. I believe I have no chance… that I am doomed. I am under the impression that my efforts are only delaying the inevitable. Interesting…"

- Urash, facing a Prowler unit

This box contains a light Cog armored fighting vehicle with all its weaponry options. It can be assembled as a Marauder, a Pillager, a Prowler or a Ravager, as presented in the Army Book: Cogs.

Cog armored fighting vehicle units are composed of unmanned combat striders. These machines are expendable, have limited endurance and rely on their armor for protection against enemy fire. However, these apparent weaknesses are compensated for by impressive top speed and unmatched maneuverability. In addition, a Cog AFV’s armament is powerful and varied enough to handle any opponent with ease. These machines can also count on two most valuable assets: integrated repair systems and fearlessness.

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