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2K Water Gel

By: Ziterdes

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Landscaping - Grass, Flock, Stones & Water Effects

7 oz. bottles (2)

MSRP $45.49

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2K Water Gel
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2K Water-Gel consists of 2 components that are mixed using a 1:1 ratio. Whether you want to create a lake, pond, river or creek, this product is your solution for realistic water scenes.

Warm the 2 components in a bain-marie of 50 to 60 degrees for 15 minutes (better fluid) and mix them in the ratio of 1:1. Proceed to mix them thoroughly!

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: It is extremely important to stir both components thoroughly until they are completely mixed – don’t forget the bottom and side of the mixing bowl! Initially the composition of the material is fluid like water. After 30 minutes, the gel will pour like honey, after 60 minutes it is a thick fluid and after 90 minutes it is viscous. The 2K Water-Gel is, therefore, ideal to create water structures.

  • Lakes: Mix the components and pour the material within 30 minutes. A small and flat paintbrush helps to evenly spread the smooth water surface and to remove any air bubbles. Repeat this method until a mirror-like surface results.

  • Rivers: Mix the components and allow the material to sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Constantly check the consistency of the material. When it flows like honey, then pour it into your riverbed.You may model and spread the gel with a paintbrush.

  • Mountain Creeks: We recommend waiting until the material is a thick fluid. This could take between 90 to 120 minutes. You may model and spread the material with a paintbrush. After you model the water, we recommend covering it to prevent dust from building up on the surface. It will take approximately 18 hours to dry and the surface will be hard.

    You may pour the 2K Water Gel on wood, plaster, styro-foam, metal, glass, ceramic and polystyrene.

    2K Water Gel is waterproof, weatherproof and scratch proof when dry.
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