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Adventure Design Deskbook #1 - Principles and Starting Points

By: Black Blade Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Swords & Wizardry

Last Stocked on 7/15/2021

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Adventure Design Deskbook #1 - Principles and Starting Points
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Matt Finch
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This isn't your granddaddy's book of random generation tables. Oh no. It's much, much more.

The thirty-seven tables in this book are designed to access the deep levels of your creativity, delving into the strange and often bizarre word of the subconscious where fantasy lies. As a tool for masterpiece adventure-design, these tables aren't about putting a few elements of fantasy adventuring into a chart for convenient dice-rolling. Instead, they focus on creating completely new roads and avenues into the dark forests and unknown reaches of the imagination. Of course, they can also be used to whip up adventure ideas on the fly, but when you sit down to create something truly unusual - this is the book with which to start.

This first volume of Mythmere's Adventure Design Deskbook focuses on the first step of the adventure-writing process - the initial creative spark. Volume One contains tables for generating locations, missions, and villainous plots, the three most common starting points for writing an adventure. The fourth common starting point, an unusual monster, will be covered in the second volume of this series.

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