#361 "Warhammer Beastmen, Liber Apocalyptica - Tyranids, Rohan vs. Isengard Campaign"

By: Games Workshop

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Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #351 - #409

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#361 "Warhammer Beastmen, Liber Apocalyptica - Tyranids, Rohan vs. Isengard Campaign"
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Primal Fury
The forests of the Old World are not safe places, for under the dense canopies live the Beastmen, the true Children of Chaos, who wish nothing less than the utter destruction of the civilized races.

The White Horse and the White Hand
With the thundering of hooves and a stirring clarion call, Adam Troke presents a campaign for The Lord of The Rings skirmish game and War of The Ring that pits the forces of Isengard against the Men of Rohan.

Death from the Skies
Attackers unite! In this packed tactica, master strategist Phil Kelly advises on how to perform a successful Planetstrike attack. He also shares some cunning ploys he's learnt since he began invading planets.

Liber Apocalyptica: Tyranids
With the Trygon kits offering Tyranid players a whole new way of slaughtering the masses, we've asked Robin Cruddace to go one step further and devise some monstrous swarms that are so deadly they can only be used in Apocalypse.

Striking a Balance
Our resident blogger, Andy Smillie, types up his thoughts on how to build - and win with - balanced Warhammer armies.

Ask 'Eavy Metal
This month the 'Eavy Metal team empties out the bulging postbag full of your queries and sets up a painting clinic in the pages of White Dwarf 362.

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