45mm obr 1942 Gun

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45mm obr 1942 Gun
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When the Russians decided to upgrade their 45mm anti-tank guns from the early Model 1932 gun – which was the standard tank gun as well – they made minor improvements to the gun. They improved the design of the breech block, which resulted in a higher rate of fire.

They continued their use of the Rheinmetall carriage, which was used by the Germans with their own 3.7cm PaK 36 guns. The gun had reasonably good performance, but even in 1941 the Soviets found to their dismay that the obr 1937 could not adequately handle the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks.

As a result, a new barrel and sub-caliber ammunition were quickly created, which improved its penetration capabilities greatly. This weapon went into service as the Model 1942. The 45mm obr 1942 was effective against most German armor at normal Ranges, but ineffective against heavily armored vehicles.

In Flames of War

The 45mm obr 1942 anti-tank guns are extremely mobile in the hands of their Soviet crews, but they have to be, as the Soviets are rarely afforded the bourgeois luxury of motorized tow vehicles. The Light Gun rule allows them to be man-handled up to 4"/10cm.

They are also Small Guns allowing them to be Concealed and Gone to Ground if they are entrenched and have not moved or shot.

The 45mm obr 1942 is a handy light gun, able to take out light armored targets with its Anti-tank rating of 8 and ROF 3. It has a range of 24”/60cm and Firepower 4+, the 45mm obr 1942 also utilizes the Volley Fire rule under the Soviet Special Rules section.

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