#267 "The First Crusade, Islamic Armies, The Siege of Jerusalem"

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#267 "The First Crusade, Islamic Armies, The Siege of Jerusalem"
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The First Crusade 1096-99, Conquest of the Holy Land
Setting the scene for this month’s theme content, including a timeline of events and plenty of wargaming ideas.

The battle of Dorylaeum
The Battle of Dorylaeum was a desperate fight for survival between the forces of Bohemond and Robert of Normandy and the armies of Kilij Arslan.

Islamic Armies of the First Crusade
A close look at the armies of the Seljuk Turks and Fatimid Caliphate - the forces which faced the crusading hordes.

How to Build Siege Towers
Sieges were a significant part of the First Crusade and if you are going to wargame a siege, you are going to need a siege tower. Here’s your step-by-step guide to building one....

The Power and the Glory: The Siege of Jerusalem
The culmination of the Crusaders’ efforts in the Holy Land was the capture of the city of Jerusalem.

First Crusade Rules Roundup
Some suggestions for First Crusade game play.

Contact. Contact. Yellow One Down!
We present a scenario pitting a platoon of American Air Cavalry against a battalion of NV regulars.

The Italians Can Rob my Country When I am Dead, Pt. 2
The second part of our article covering wargaming the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-36. More background, a scenario and
a review of the figures available.

Guards Battlegroups
The history and tactics of the late-war Guards Armored Division in Flames of War.

First Barrier to Bastogne
A Rapid Fire scenario simulating Kampfgruppe von Bohm’s initial assault against the 9th Armored Division during the
Battle of the Bulge in WWII.

A New Era for Plastics
Perry Miniatures delve into a new period with their latest plastics box set. Michael Perry reveals all....

The Severn Valley in Flames
It’s 1938 and Britain is in the grip of Civil War! How did it happen and how did it turn into an event for twenty wargamers in Evesham?

Plus a visit to the Heat of Battle III in the US, the Flames of War Grand Tournament in NZ, a Store Spotlight, and our monthly roundup of News and Reviews!

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