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#13 "The Romanians in ASL, 12 Scenarios"

By: Sherry Enterprises

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Schwerpunkt - A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Last Stocked on 5/22/2023

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#13 "The Romanians in ASL, 12 Scenarios"
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This issue’s 24-page booklet contains two articles: Brook White's, Holding The Line: The Romanians In ASL and Brian Williams' Hit Me If You Can: Guns As Targets, as well as our trademark analyses and designer’s notes for Scenarios SP145-SP156. Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

SP145 The Reluctant Tiger: Lemay, France, 23 August 1944: Elements of Luftwaffen Field Division 18 is counterattacking the American 79th Division's bridgehead near the Seine River. Luftwaffen Jäger Regiment 33's 14 squads, supported by a lone King Tiger, must clear Americans of the 314th Infantry Regiment and 2 Sherman tanks from building on boards 3 and 41. Game length: 6.5 turns

SP146 Terrify And Destroy: Neustadt, Germany, 22 March 1945: Task Force Cherry ran headlong into Leutnant Kaspar Göggerle’s Kompanie 3, Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 653, supporting elements of SS Panzergrenadier Division 17. Leutnant Göggerle and Abteilung 653’s Jagdtigers gave the 10th Armored Division a bloody nose it would not soon forget. This tourna-max scenario has lots of combined arms, heavy metal action with Sherman tanks taking on 4 Jadgtigers in a scenario with plenty of movement, tactical choices and re-playability, set on four half boards 10, 21, 22, and 42. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

SP147 The Zebra Mission: Cologne, Germany, 6 March 1945: Task Force Lovelady including an experimental M-26 Pershing tank attacks to clear a section of Cologne. An American infantry company encounters resistance from nine volksgrenadier squads supported by a Nashorn tank destroyer and a Wibelwind. This lethal city fight has lots of fast-moving tank-infantry action and is set on boards z and 49. Game Length: 5.5 turns.

SP148 The Bears Of St. Denis: St. Denis-de-Mere, France, 14 August 1944: An infantry company from the 43rd Infantry Division, supported by a Firefly, 3 Sherman DD tanks, and 2 carriers attack a German infantry Kampfgruppe of the 752nd Grenadier Regiment and 3 Sturmpanzer IVs from Kompanie Olefsen, Sturmpanzer Abteilung 217, making this scenario a true ETO "rare bear" scenario set on boards v and w. Game Length is 6.5 turns.

SP149 Labarthe's Charade: Chemery, France, 14 May 1940: The French 7th Company, 2nd Battalion, 213th Infantry Regiment defends Chémery with 9.5 squads and 3 FCM 36 tanks against an attack by 13 German squads and PzIVs, PzIIIs and a PzIIF from Panzer Division 1. This early war thriller is set on boards 19 and 41. Game Length: 5.5 turns.

SP150 The Legrew Maneuver: St. Jean-Rohrbach, France, 22 November 1944: The German 11th Panzer Division is forced to withdraw from board y under pressure from the American 6th Armored Division. Two Jagdpanzer IV(L)s, three PzIVJs and eight squads must cross board 44, while hotly pursued by ten American squads, five Shermans and an M-10 GMC. Can you exit the board before the Americans cut off your escape route? Game Length: 5 turns.

SP151 Bulanov Rebuked: Starokonstantino, Ukraine, USSR, 4 March 1944: The1st Guards Heavy Tank Shock Regiment (with an SMG company of ten 6-2-8s and seven KV-85s) attack seven German squads supported by three Tigers Is from Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503. Fog of war forces players set up simultaneously in this Eastern Front action set on boards v and 18. Game Length: 5.5 turns.

SP152 Nova Buda Butte: Nova Buda, USSR, 13 February 1944: Brian Williams designed this Eastern Front beauty that has 24 Russian squads supported by seven T-34s attacking an SS infantry company defending on half boards 4, 16, 44, and 46. The German counterattack force makes this a truly exciting action. Game Length: 7.5 turns.

SP153 The Wrong Side Of Victory: Seikpyu,, Burma, 15 February 1945: Brian Williams give us another of his PTO classics. The Japanese Katsu force of 17 squads attacks 12 squads from the King's African Rifles who are defending on half boards 5, 32, 36, and 47. This scenario is loaded with lots of machine guns and has plenty of action to test your infantry skills. Game length: 6.5 turns.

SP154 On The Road To Hell: Koevering, Holland, 25 September 1944: Hugh Downing returns with a Market Garden scenario that has both Americans paratroopers and British tank/infantry force attacking on boards 17 and 38 to eliminate a German kampfgruppe of seven squads supported by a Jagdpanther and a Marder III(t)H.Game Length: 5.5 turns.

SP155 Cooks Casualties And Corpsmen: Asan Beachhead, Guam, The Marianas Islands, 26 July 1944: Mike Faulkner designed this PTO action that features a mixed force of Marines, medical personnel and wounded conducting a desperate defense against a Japanese infantry company attack. This tournament scenario is set on half of board 38. Game length is 6.5 turns.

SP156 A Siege Of Their Own: Velikeye Luki, USSR, 10 January 1943: Pete Shelling rounds out this years scenario line up with another of his Eastern Front specialties. A German infantry company supported by a 88L AA and a 75* INF defend boards 10 and 46 in the face of a Russian attack consisting of thirteen squads and a platoon of KV tanks. A German counterattack of five squads a StuG IIIB and a Marder II makes this a very exciting scenario with lots of options and re-playability. Game Length: 7 turns.

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