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T-Regulator Hero Box

By: Rackham

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: AT-43 - Cogs

3 figures

MSRP $20.00

(no box)

Product Info

T-Regulator Hero Box
Product Line
Publish Year
NKG Part #
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Minis Box Set


This Hero Box presents three officers for the Cog T-regulator faction: T-regulator G09, T-regulator G27 and T-regulator G45. They benefit from the Cog officers special rules: they can be recruited separately or as a group and join any Cog unit.

T-regulator G09 is the best Cog tactician; it will find its place within a solid regular unit, where the surrounding fighters will be its best protection.

T-regulator G27 is an able and inexpensive officer, thanks to its deflector shield, it will make Cog AFVs more durable while increasing its unit’s fire power.

Finally, T-regulator G45 is a precious support within any unit. This fine officer can down an AFV with a carefully placed salvo!

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