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Background: 6 page article on the history, weapons and timeline of the events leading up to and the battle itself.
The “Forgotten Men” of Quatre Bras: The participation of the troops of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the 100 Days Campaign has always been regarded with negatively based on their allegedly poor action on the battlefield.

The Frenchies are Coming!: “Tomorrow I will send a reconnaissance patrol to Quatre Bras to occupy the position, because I assume that Nassau’s troops will have retreated…” Ney to Napoleon, the eve of the battle of Quatre Bras. A mini game where you take command of a battery or squadron of cavalry of Napoleons Guard.

Quatre Bras, 16th June 1815: A wargame of the battle is included in this issue.

Ancient: Impetus Hispanicus – Recently granted the Silver Award at Historicon and voted the second-best rules of last year by the Miniature Page readers, Impetus has made in roads to the ancient gaming community. In addition to the international recognition, they are enjoining particular success in one country: Spain.

Ancient: Scipio in Africa, 204-202 BC – “For years through your stupidity and freed you have rejected victory and squandered peace. Now your future depends on arms, on Scipipi and on me” Hannibal GBarca to the Carthaginian Senate after landing in Africa in 202 BC.

Ancient: Recreating Zama with FoG & Impetus – Both sets of rules are suitable for this large battle, which is relatively easy to represent.

WWII: Race in the Dark – On December 16th 1944, Hitler ordered the launching of a new offense on the Allies position in the Belgium and this became the start of The Battle of the Bulge. The German troops surrounded and attacked the city of Bastogne after breaking through the American defensive line. The American troops had been resting in that area when they were attacked. It was a race against the clock that took place in the dark and in the span of just a few days and some very long winter nights…

Flames of War: Clean this boil Out! – This was the order given by the Generalfeldmarschall of 5th Panzer Army to have his troops take Bastogne once and for all. The 26th Volksgrenadier division made an attempt to occupy the city one last time on Christmas day, 1944. Scenario for Flames of War.

Modeling: Hermitage from the North of Spain, Part two finish the hermitage so it can become a fundamental item of you game terrain.

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