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Traveller5 CD-Rom

By: Far Future Enterprises

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Traveller5 CD-Rom
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This CD-ROM contains the initial material for Traveller5, and is subject to change before publication in print form (including changes, fixes, and other details; the printed core rules book will contain less material overall).

On This CD-ROM: the initial files for Traveller5 -- the fifth edition of Traveller. Each image and text PDF contains original page images and searchable text. All files are printable in whole or in part. Spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel format. Fonts are TTF.

Character Generation... 13 different character types, plus rules for non-human sophonts, clones, chimeras, androids, and robots. Includes spreadsheet sophont creation.

Game Mechanics... the core task system, the skill list, details of dice and probabilities, plus an analysis of previous task systems.

Starships... design systems for small craft and starships, plus starship sensor rules and space combat. Includes font-based ship design.

Worlds... star system generation rules including homeworlds, mainworlds, gas giants, and the many other worlds in a system. Includes geodesic world mapping font.

Conflict... combat rules for the use of violence (including weapons across the tech levels), and personal interaction rules for lesser measures (bargaining, blackmail, persuasion, or even torture).
Trade and Commerce... systems for speculation in trade goods.

New Rules. New Concepts. New Background.

The Imperium... the Second Survey of the Imperium in PDF report format with supporting spreadsheet.

Plus: The History of the Imperium, and a host of supplemental material.

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