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Adventures in Jimland

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Adventures in Jimland
Category: War Games
Author: Jim Wright
Publish Year: 2009
Dimensions: 6x9x.2"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Ziplock

Adventures in Jimland


Adventures in Jimland: Where Anything Can Happen is Minden's stand-alone adventure game about exploration and discovery in an unknown land, in a setting very much like late 19th century Africa.

You are a fearless explorer, ready to lead your Expedition into the wilds of Jimland, a vast, uncharted territory. You will need to hire the members of your Expedition, such as mercenary soldiers, local askari, and of course sturdy native bearers to carry your supplies.

Your Expedition must survive raging rivers, poisonous plants, bottomless ravines, and savage animals--like elephants, rhinos, gigantic ants, even dinosaurs--that are very alive, and very hungry. Tribes of natives will also be encountered. Will they trade with you, or attack? On your adventure you will discover new species of plants and animals, trade for valuable goods, map uncharted territory. Maybe even come back alive. When you make it back to civilization you will cash in... before heading back out on another adventure.
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Adventures in Jimland may be played solitaire, or by several gamers at once. All rules and necessary charts and information necessary for play is included: a 36-page digest-sized rulebook, a set of seven Reference Cards, and a sheet of uncut color counters. All you need to supply are some dice, paper and pencils, a tabletop, and an imagination.

Play is conducted in a series of steps. You make a move on your map, determine the terrain type of the square you entered, and whether it contains natives, a river, and so on. If natives are present, you must check to see if they are friendly... if they are hostile, you must play an Encounter with them on the table. You may use miniature figures when playing Encounters, or the included counters. The spectacle of play is enhanced when using miniatures and terrain, but you may employ counters if you wish. Once the Encounter is resolved (which usually play quickly), your Expedition continues on its adventure. If you can imagine a cross between Avalon Hill's Source of the Nile and Dinosaurs of the Lost World using quick-playing mechanisms, you'll have a good idea about what this game is like.

Adventures in Jimland was designed by Jim Wright, and is a very playable and highly flexible design. A short Expedition can be played in an evening, while more elaborate campaigns may be conducted if desired. For instance, you may play a series of games in an on-going attempt to "map" the entire interior of Jimland. The members of your Expedition each have individual skills--which may be increased through the experience they receive on their adventures.

The activites of individual Expeditions are driven by the various charts and Tables found on the Reference Cards, and these have been designed to be intuitive and straightforward. As with other Minden products, the emphasis of the game is on playing, not getting lost in rule exceptions, modifier lists, and finicky processes. And, like the other games in our line, Adventures in Jimland has been designed to be played and enjoyed.