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#262 "Flames of War Scenario, Caesar in Gaul Special Issue"

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#262 "Flames of War Scenario, Caesar in Gaul Special Issue"
Sub Category: Historical Magazines
Publish Year: 2009
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 8.5x11.5x.25"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148884965
Mfg. part #: BFMWI262
Type: Magazine


Caesar in Gaul Introduction
We set the scene for Caesar’s conquest of Gaul with background information, wargaming ideas and a painting guide for the great man himself.

Slaughter on the Selle
In 57 BC Caesar’s forces clashed with the Gallic Nervii tribe which burst out of the woods and across a river to attack the legionaries in their marching camp. An action packed, evenly matched scenario.

Mid War Monsters
The experimental tanks of World War Two. Notes on the research and delevopment of tanks, a focus on the KV-5 and Sturer Emil, followed by a Flames of War scenario and battle report on how our game played out.

Getting Paint on your Gauls
A complete guide to making sure your Gallic warriors look suitably impressive on the tabletop.

The Jacobite Rising and the Battle of Glen Shiel 1719
A focus on one of the earlier Jacobite risings which came to a head with musket fire on the slopes of Glen Shiel in Scotland.

Gallic Guerilla Gambit
Turning to some of the smaller scale actions of Caesar’s campaign, we present two Warhammer Ancient Battles scenarios.

Winter Camouflage
Almost all of the tried and tested principles of vehicle camouflage go out the window when it snows, so how do you apply a winter wardrobe to your tanks ?

Gun and Spear part 1
Chris Peers examines the tricky wargaming dilemma of recreating the historical balance between primitive weaponry and firearms.

Roman Fortifications
How to build Roman fortifications like those erected by Caesar in Gaul.

Evan Allen Bio
We steal some time from the Battlefront Miniatures designer’s busy schedule to quiz him about his work.

In the Company of Bastards
A close look at Tim Haslam’s award winning medieval free company army -
Le Compagnie des Batards.

The Siege of Alesia
The culmination of Caesar’s campaign against Vercingetorix and the Gauls. Including the historical background to the siege and scenarios for recreating the action in miniature.

Pirates of Durham
A 20' x 8' wargames table masterpiece! Proud creator Stuart Hitchinson takes us on a tour of his slice of the Caribbean.

No Heart for Civil War
Confederate deserters in a flight from Vicksburg desperately attempt to outgun there former comrades in a bid to avoid the ‘round up’ in this Legends of the Old West: Frontier Scenario.

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