#353 "The Empire Musters for War, War of the Ring - The Galadhrim"

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Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #351 - #409

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#353 "The Empire Musters for War, War of the Ring - The Galadhrim"
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The Land of Sigmar - The Empire is the greatest nation in the Old World, a vast expanse comprising fiercely independent provinces and city-states. Jeremy Vetock and Dave Andrews explain what's so glorious about the Empire and the many varied soldiers that make up its army.

Elves Unleashed - War of The Ring Elven players will rejoice this month as the Galadhrim - the Elves of Lothlórien - are ready to take to the field. Mat Ward talks about all things Elven and then puts his theories to the test in a battle report against The Lord of The Rings stalwart, Adam Troke.


Liber Apocalyptica: Valkyrie - In Apocalypse, Valkyries form deadly squadrons to dominate the skies - we have the datasheets to prove it.
Standard Bearer - Jervis discusses the older models in his collection and why they are still a vital part of the hobby.
Bitz Box - Getting the most out of Chaos Icon Bitz Packs.

Battle Report

The Drums of War - We play through a narrative campaign, written by Jeremy Vetock. With the Emperor away at a diplomatic mission to
Bretonnia it is up to the infamous Mad Count of Averland, Marius Leitdorf, to muster what forces he can to help beleaguered Ostland.


Painting Masters: Keith Robertson - Veteran 'Eavy Metal painter Keith Robertson shares some of his seldom seen and bespoke projects with us.
Modelling Workshop: Empire - A look at the Empire range, showing the versatility of the kits and how easy it is to personalise your force.
Citadel Hall of Fame - Resident illustrator Neil Hodgson nominates his favourite Citadel miniature for the Hall of Fame.
Painting Workshop: Galadhrim Elves - This month we give the new Galadhrim models the Eavy Metal treatment.

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