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#22 "Unhappy King Charles, Command & Colors Ancients Scenarios, Men of Iron Battle Module"

By: GMT Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: C3i Magazine (#1-27)

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#22 "Unhappy King Charles, Command & Colors Ancients Scenarios, Men of Iron Battle Module"
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Table of Contents and List of Inserts in C3i Magazine #22:

C&C Ancients – 2-New Scenarios Island War by Richard Borg and Dan Fournie
Unusual and Unhappy King Charles – The English Civil War by Steve Carey
Alexander’s Marshals – Special Abilities in Successors – by John B. Firer
Pursuit of Glory – Strategic Analysis of the Eastern Fronts by Philip Thomas
The Battle of Utica, 203 BC – SPQR Deluxe Scenario by Dan Fournie
Iron Men Rule the Battlefield – Men of Iron Primer by Mark Kaczmarek
Conquest of Paradise – Random Events Cards and Rules – by Kevin McPartland
FAB Bulge Variant – Canadians in the Battle of the Bulge by Rick Young & John Foley
C3i Magazine Nr22 – Countersheet Reference Index and Manifest
Agincourt Rules – Men of Iron Game Module by Richard H. Berg & Mike Lemick
To the Strongest – Strategy and Tactics in Successors – by John B. Firer
Europe Engulfed – Variable Axis Strategies by Cyril M. Lagvanec
Spartacus and the Foes of Rome, 88-55 BC – Pax Romana by Dan Fournie
1943: Empire of the Sun – Tournament Scenario Analysis – by Mark Herman
Pathfinder – Combat Commander Europe Campaign Module by Volko Ruhnke
What’s in a Game? Inside Victory Point Games by Alan Emrich
FAB Bulge – Tournament Scenario Payback – by John Foley


Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr22 – 88 color counters (5/8 inch size die-cut counters)
Agincourt Module – 1 color Mapsheet – 11x17 inch, folded by Mark Simonitch
C&C Ancients – 1 color Set-up Card – 2 Scenarios: Caralis & Himeras River by Richard Borg
Combat Commander Pacific – 1 color Card – Large & Small Counter Manifest by Chad Jensen
Combat Commander – 1 color Card – 2 Scenarios: Nr108 by D. Holte and Nr109 by J. Foley
Successors – 1 color Card – Special Abilities Markers by John B. Firer and Mark Simonitch
Conquest of Paradise – 3 (8.5”x11”) color Cards – Random Events by K. McPartland & L. Myrick
SPQR Scenario – Battle of Utica – Set-up sheet by Dan Fournie
American Revolution Series – 1 (8.5”x11”) color Card & 1 Solitaire Rules by Joel Toppen

Counter sheet Manifest for C3i Magazine Nr22 (all counters 5/8 inch size):

3 VP markers for the “FAB” Scenario
51 units for the “Agincourt/Men of Iron” Battle Module
6 units for “Empire of the Sun”:
  • CA Dutch Navy becomes the CL Dutch Navy (same values & silhouette)
  • The silhouettes on the BB Duke of York and BB New York corrected
  • CVL Ryuho becomes the CVL Ryujo (same values & silhouette)
  • CVL Junyo becomes the CV Junyo (same values & silhouette)
  • CVL Kaiyo becomes the CVE Kaiyo (same values & silhouette)
28 Errata counters for “Fields of Fire”:
  • 8 RPG/B40 ammo counters fixed.
  • 4 RPG/B40 weapon team counters fixed.
  • 1 Panzerfaust counter with an incorrect range fixed.
  • 5 American Weapon Team counters fixed (the 2/60mm, 3/60mm, and 4/60mm Mortar Teams and the 1/Wpns and 2/Wpns Fire Teams).
  • 6 “All Pinned” VOF markers fixed to show their +2 AT modifier
  • 4 Enemy Leader counters fixed (were missing their “Fire Team” label)

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