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Most Dangerous Time, A - Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584

By: Multi-Man Publishing

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: International Games Series

MSRP old price: $72.00

Product Info

Most Dangerous Time, A - Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584
Tetsuya Nakamura
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 4 Players
Game Length
240 Minutes


After more than a hundred years of civil war, one man emerges as a leader for Japan...

Oda Nobunaga, once leader of an obscure clan, had risen to become the most powerful man in all Japan. The country, tired of continual fighting, with now singular direction to follow, needed someone to lead, Would Oda be that man? In a final paroxysm of the old ways, Oda would have to prove his worth on the battlefield.

A Most Dangerous Time starts at this moment of destiny When he is insulted by an old rival clan, the Asakura, Oda decides to march and become ruler by force. Oda's enemies all seize on this opportunity to make one last attempt to stop him. In a few short years, Japan would be consumed in chaos, the countryside aflame. Is Oda too powerful to be denied, or will the old ways win out once more, leaving Japan ruled by dozens of fractious fiefdoms?

You can find out! In A Most Dangerous Time, one player controls all of Oda's efforts and the other commands the forces bent on stopping him in his tracks. Oda will be assailed on all fronts, but he is powerful and his good interior lines give him the military advantage.

Can you unify Japan as Oda sought to? Or will you be stopped by your opponent's military might? Or perhaps, as it happened in history, by the infamous treachery of one of your trusted subordinates, just as you are on the brink of victory?


One 22" x 34" mapboard
2.5 countersheets
110 playing cards
1 rulebook
3 scenarios
8 dice