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#5 "The Medal of Honor, 12 Scenarios"

By: Sherry Enterprises

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Schwerpunkt - A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

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#5 "The Medal of Honor, 12 Scenarios"
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SP49 Audie Murphy: The name says it all. A reinforced company of Volkgrenadiers supported by six tanks, attacks a small force of infantry supported by tank destroyers. Second Lieutenant Audie L. Murphy and his 150mm artillery support try to save the day. Boards 10, 17, 19, and 44 are needed.

SP50 Paco Station: Private Cleto Rodriguez and Private First Class John N. Reese are at the front of a company of infantry that is trying to clear the Japanese out of a railroad station in Manila. Two heroes, flamethrowers, and DC’s make this double Medal of Honor action a fun Japanese city fight. Boards 10 and 22 are in play.

SP51 Stryker’s Charge: Private First Class Stuart F. Stryker and a company of the 17th Airborne attacks to destroy a German artillery 75mm infantry gun battery and to seize a headquarters building. This is a fast tournament action set on board 22.

SP52 The Amazing Tominac: Two platoons of infantry led by a heroic 9-2, First Lieutenant John J. Tominac, try to destroy a series of four German positions including a hidden Marder. This is a tournament favorite set on two half boards of 18 and 20.

SP53 Thorne In Your Side: A small combat patrol attacks to clear out a group of hidden Volksgrenadiers from a Belgian wood-line. Corporal Horace M. Thorne and two M5A1 Light tanks struggle with a Pz IIIN to make this a close fight. Boards 19 and 44 are in play.

SP54 Manila John: A U.S. Marine machinegun platoon, led by heroic 10-2, Sergeant "Manila" John Basilone, tries to prevent the Japanese from getting through to Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. This is a bloody night action set on half of board 37.

SP55 Batterie Du Port: Colonel William H. Wilbur leads an infantry company supported by a platoon of Stuarts in an attack to destroy a 105mm Vichy French artillery battery and clear a trench-line in Fedala, Morocco. This scenario uses boards 10 and 17.

SP56 No Good Reason: Captain Everett Pope leads his battered platoon of U.S. Marines in the defense of a board 36 hilltop on Peleliu, against a determined Japanese night attack.

SP57 Big Toul Pocket: Lieutenant Willibald Bianchi and his platoon of infantry, supported by light tanks, fight their way down a jungle road in the Philippines. This is a tournament level action set on board 34.

SP58 Mars’ Last Fight: Led by First Lieutenant Jack L. Knight, Troop F, 124th Cavalry, attacks to clear a Burmese village held by Japanese in pillboxes, supported by AA guns, mortars and an assortment of machineguns. This medium sized scenario has lot of toys and uses boards 37 and 39.

SP59 Rivers’ End: Sergeant Ruben Rivers commands a Sherman tank in this attack on Volksgrenadiers and a 75mm anti-tank gun platoon. This very tense and unique armor action will test your tank fighting skills. Boards 44 and 46 are in play.

SP60 Commando Kelly: Corporal Charles E. Kelly and his company try to hold on to the town of Altavilla in the face of a massive German counter-attack against the Salerno Beachhead. This large combined arms action is actually two battles that make a great three-player game. Boards 18, 44, and 46 are in play.

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