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#7 "The Red Army - The Supremacy of Firepower, 12 Scenarios"

#7 "The Red Army - The Supremacy of Firepower, 12 Scenarios"
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Advanced Squad Leader
Publish Year: 2001
Pages: 24
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148794861
Type: Magazine



SP73 Seregelyes Slug-Out: This is a big combined arms action on the East front with Stalins vs. King Tigers. It uses boards 18, 41, and 50.

SP74 The Last Tiger: Another one of Sherry's heavy metal East front actions featuring a Nashorn and a Tiger vs. a horde of Russian armor including IS2s and an ISU 152.

SP75 Taurus Pursuant: Two desperate groups of SS panzergrenadiers fight a determined action to hold twin villages against a combined force of halftrack mounted British supported by Shermans and Cromwells.

SP76 Flaming of the Guard: A company of Germans supported by flamethrowers and Panthers tries to burn out a stubborn group of Irish guards supported by 17-pounders and Sherman tanks.

SP77 Green Jacket's Bridge: A beleaguered British searchlight battery fights a last-ditch battle to delay the German advance on Calais.

SP78 Golovchino Breakout: Tournament level East front action featuring Russian guards defending against a German recon unit with supporting infantry.

SP79 Mius Trap: Russian guards armor and infantry defend board 11 hills against a German infantry supported by STuGs.

SP80 Die Gurkha Die: A savage PTO action pitting Gurkhas and Chinese in a defense against a large two-pronged Japanese attack.

SP81 Betje Wolf Plein: A tournament level infantry action featuring British commandos defending half of board 51 against infantry of the German 70th Division.

SP82 Norway in Half: This is a rare thing, a Norwegian attack! A fast playing tournament action with Fallschirmjaegers defending on boards 5 and 10.

SP83 Boeinked: A terrific design from Greg Davis featuring lumbering British Churchills in a spirited sloth-krieg versus infantry supported by STuGs and Pak40s.

SP84 Von Bodenhausen's Ride: A classic 1942 East front gem with a large German tank\infantry kampgruppe reliving the Charge of the Light Brigade through murderous fire from Russian infantry, antitank guns, and T34s.