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#8 "The Red Army - From Manpower to Firepower, 12 Scenarios"

#8 "The Red Army - From Manpower to Firepower, 12 Scenarios"
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Advanced Squad Leader
Publish Year: 2002
Pages: 24
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148759691
Type: Magazine



SP85 The McCown Encounter: Elements of the 119th Infantry Regiment and supporting M10 tank destroyers defend boards 11 and 40 against a panzergrenadier company (with 15 halftracks) from Kampfgruppe Peiper.

SP86 Bridge at Stavelot: Company A, 526th Armored Infantry Battalion fights desperately on boards 40 and 41 to hold the Ambleve River Bridge at Stavelot against the Kampfgruppe Peiper spearhead.

SP87 Fangs of the Tiger: Four Tiger I’s and supporting infantry advance to clear the board 49 main road of a determined group of Russian infantry, T-43s and an anti-tank gun. This is a fast playing tournament scenario with lots of tension.

SP88 Race for the Sarvis: This heavy metal action has Russian engineers, supported by JS-2m’s, struggling to set demolitions on bridges as eight King Tigers bear down on them. This is an exciting tournament-level urban tank battle set on boards 23 and 49.

SP89 Assaulting Tes: Four Jagdpanthers and panzergrenadiers attack across the board 50 ridge to clear the board 48 village of Russian infantry, T34/85’s and SU-76m’s in this medium sized combined arms action.

SP90 Skirting the Mace: Infantry and Sherman tanks from the Polish 1st Armored Division set up a blocking position on boards 18 and 50 to prevent German infantry, Jagdpanzer IVs and PzIVs from escaping the Falaise pocket.

SP91 Show a Little Guts!: Elements of the U.S. 106th Infantry Regiment establish a hasty defense, on boards 35 and 38, against a Japanese counterattack on Eniwetok. This is a violent tournament-level PTO action with flamethrowers on both sides.

SP92 Seelow Seesaw: Germans from Panzergrenadier Division 20 defend board 9 with infantry, mortars and a 128L anti-tank gun as the Russians advance across board 18 to seize the heights with masses of infantry, ISU-152s, ISU-122s, and OT34/85 flamethrower tanks. This is a heavy metal late war shoot-out suitable for partner play.

SP93 Oder Bound: This gem from Brian Williams has German infantry, an 88L FlaK 18, and Hetzers defending boards 17 and 35 against Russian carrier-mounted infantry and nine T-34/85s.

SP94 Out of Order: This fast playing tournament action has Partisans defending a fortified board 22 position against a determined group of SS.

SP95 Burn Gurkha Burn!: This is the second scenario of Hugh Downing’s Gurkha trilogy. This time a company of Gurkhas defends boards 36 and 37 in the face of a savage Japanese attack with two supporting flamethrowers.

SP96 Husum Hotfoot: Comets and two Wasps support British infantry from the 11th Armoured Division as they attack across board 37 to clear the board 10 village of German infantry. This is a fast-playing tournament scenario with lots of flame.