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#3 "AFV's in ASL, Psychological Warfare in ASL, 12 Scenarios"

By: Sherry Enterprises

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Schwerpunkt - A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Last Stocked on 3/24/2023

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#3 "AFV's in ASL, Psychological Warfare in ASL, 12 Scenarios"
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SP25 Two Pounds in Return
This is a tournament level desert scenario featuring boards 25,26, and 27. In this scenario, a small German kampfgruppe of captured portees and infantry conducts a withdrawal that turns into a running gun battle with two groups of New Zealand carriers and armored cars.

SP26 Wallersheim
Pershing tanks and infantry form the 9th Armored Division attack to seize one of two hills on board 41 that are defended by a tough group of German paratroops, supported by a JgdPz V and a 105mm RCL. This is a beefy scenario that has OBA on both sides and plenty of action.

SP27 Sudden Fury
A Squadron of Churchills defends a board 11 crossroads against a marauding platoon of Jagdpanthers. This is a quick and bloody armor scenario that will test your tank fighting skills.

SP28 Clearing Qualberg
A company of Highlanders in Kangaroos, supported by Churchills and OBA attack to clear a small village of German paratroops and StuG III G's.

SP29 Schloss Bòbingen
This is a fast paced tournament scenario on board 6 that has a platoon of American infantry supported by an M12 SP howitzer and engineers (with DC's and a flame-thrower), assaulting to clear a group of Germans from a castle.

SP30 Evicting Yamagishi
A stubborn company of Japanese supported by AT guns defends a stretch of Manchurian highway against a column of Soviet infantry and ISU 122's in 1945.

SP31 The Hills of Lagonovo
A tough group of German panzerpioneers and PzII's attacks a numerically superior Soviet force in an effort to knock them off Hill 621. This is a big scenario with 200mm German rocket OBA.

SP32 Over Open Sights
This is a tournament level, micro-scenario featuring a section of 18 pounder guns desperately trying to fight off a group fanatic Italian Cavalry in 1941 East Africa. Yes, that's right I said fanatic Italians.

SP33 The Eternal City
This is Mike Faulkner's big city tank battle that features a large force of the 1st SSF supported by Sherman tanks attacking a mixed German force of paratroops, flakwagens, and SP guns. If enjoy OBA, mines, wire, and sorting through all your weird German vehicles this scenario is for you!

SP34 Frank Force
A company of Durham Light infantry and Matilda I's and II's attack a group of German infantry supported by two 88mm guns. This is a tense 1940 action set on boards 4 and 43.

SP35 The Jungleers
On Biak in the Schouten Islands, a company of American infantry and two Shermans tries to hold off a savage attack by Japanese infantry and Ha-Go tanks. This is a very violent and bloody scenario that has few survivors left on the board at the end.

SP36 Desantniki
Two platoons of Soviet lend-lease Sherman tanks and riders attack to clear a crossroads of German infantry and anti-tank guns. This is a quick playing, tournament level scenario using boards 17 and 18.

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