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Auf Heller and Pfennig

Auf Heller and Pfennig
Category: Board Games
Author: Reiner Knizia
Publish Year: 1994
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


It's all hustle and bustle down in the market place of a large mediaeval town. All kinds of marvelous goods are arrayed on stands and stalls--so marvelous, that even the King and Queen have been tempted out of the castle on a shopping trip. But all that glitters isn't gold, and there are other less welcome visitors about, determined to grab part of the profits for themselves.

The players play traders, setting up stalls and selling their valuable wares. Trying to grab the best sites in the market, where the richest customers go. And if at the same time they can direct a few less pleasant types in the direction of their rivals, then that's even more reason for them to rub their hands in glee.