Collected Book of Experimental Might, The

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Collected Book of Experimental Might, The
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Monte Cook
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Third edition RPG icon Monte Cook has a new print edition of his popular Books of Experimental Might! Previously available only in electronic form, The Collected Book of Experimental Might contains hundreds of options and new rules meant to inject life into 3.5 fantasy RPG campaigns.

This 144-page hardcover collection of Monte's own house rules includes:

A spell progression system redefining spell levels from 1 to 20.
New rules for fighting domains, including Two-Weapon Fighting, Mounted Combat, and Fighting Dirty, as well as techniques based on agility, speed, strength, and intellect—the domains provide new abilities to fighter types willing to devote themselves to a focused path.
A retooling of the feat system, with three new concepts—double feats, oblation feats, and uberfeats—and dozens of new choices.
Special benefits for choosing a feat as a fighter bonus feat, reinstating the fighter class as the king of feats.
New rules for healing and curative magic.
Powerful magical disciplines that allow wizards, clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers to have magic always active.
The runeblade, a base class that combines magic and martial skill without the need for spells.
Additional skills, feats, and combat rules.
Dozens of spells and magic items.

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